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Smudgesticks - Mixed Organics

Blending some powerful natural organics can be hugely beneficial to the user and we have been requested for years to stock these .... so here we go. Already one large natural Health business in NZ has these on stock.
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  • Juniper Bundle - Mini
    Juniperus sp.

    Juniper was widely used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant. It was used to treat colds, as a cough medicine or as an aid to respiratory ailments by creating various decoctions made from the needles, twigs, or bark. Among the Cree, a poultice was made from the bark and applied to wounds for its believed antiseptic properties. Ceremonially, it is reported that the Cheyenne burned it as an incense to remove fear of thunder beings and also at childbirth to promote delivery. The Arapaho are said to have used a variety of juniper as a fragrance, grinding the needles for their scent.
    Our juniper is wildcrafted in California.
    NZ$ 11.75
  • Mugwort Bundle - Mini
    Artemisia douglasiana

    Mugwort is a common name that is used to describe several species of sage. Our mugwort is a variety that is native to the Western United States and is known as Douglas’s Sagewort but is also called California Mugwort, and Wormwood. Native Americans used this plant medicinally and ceremonially. The Chumash, Karok, Miwok, and Yurok are said to have used it to treat rheumatism, sometimes applying the leaves as a poultice and other times making a decoction that was taken internally. The Pomo used it to treat stomachache and cramps. The Paiute used it to treat colds and fevers, placing branches over a bed of ashes and sleeping on it.
    Among the Miwok, mugwort was rubbed on the body to keep ghosts away. Necklaces were made with small balls that contained mugwort and other “medicine” and when worn, were believed to prevent dreaming of the dead and would allow one to go out at night without fear of ghosts.
    Our mugwort is wildcrafted in California and Or
    NZ$ 11.75
  • Sweetgrass Braid - 18-22
    Hierochlöe odorata

    Beautiful sweetgrass braids from Canada. These are collected by First Nations families for us each year ("First Nations" is the Canadian equivalent of "Native American"). Sweetgrass is considered sacred by many peoples of North America. The smoke of burning sweetgrass is said to purify and clear objects, places, and people. Often found in medicine bundles and sometimes packed with dance clothes to keep them fresh.

    • Our select braids are very fine quality and quite large, averaging about 24 inches with some as long as 30 inches. They are approximately 1 inch in diameter and 1 ounce by weight.
    • Our extra long select braids are very fine quality and average 32-38 inches. They are approximately 1 inch in diameter and 1¼ ounces by weight.
    • Our regular braids are about 18-22 inches and about ¾ inch in diameter. This grade is nicer than what we have had in previous years.
    As all of our braids are hand-picked and braided, there is a
    NZ$ 25.00
  • White Leaf Sage & Juniper Mix - Mini
    Salvia apiana / Juniperus sp.

    Blended California White Sage and Juniper smudge bundles add variety to your smudging and incense practices. When burned, the strong scent of the broad leaf California White Sage is believed to ward off bad spirits, feelings, and energies. It is said that among the Cheyenne, juniper needles were sometimes burned to remove fear of thunder. Both the white sage and juniper is wildcrafted in California.
    NZ$ 11.75

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