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Natural Organics

We have sold and we use White Leaf Sage for years and our clients recently wanted us to expand our ranges hence we are now stocking:- Juniper, Mugwort & White Leaf Sage mixed with Juniper Smudgesticks & Sweetgrass Braids all wildcraft sourced from Southern California.
  • Smudgesticks - Mixed Organics
    Blending some powerful natural organics can be hugely beneficial to the user and we have been requested for years to stock these .... so here we go. Already one large natural Health business in NZ has these on stock.
  • White Leaf Sage Smudgesticks
    Our White Leaf Sage Smudgesticks & Loose are wildcraft sourced from Southern California.
  • Mugwort Smudgesticks
    Mugwort is a member of the powerful Artemis family of herbs and is used widely both in western and eastern herbal traditions. It was used in medieval times to flavor beer and keep the user safe from evil possession.
  • Juniper Smudgesticks
    Juniper was widely used by Native Americans as a medicinal plant.
  • Sweetgrass Braids
    Beautiful sweetgrass braids from Canada. These are collected by First Nations families for us each year ("First Nations" is the Canadian equivalent of "Native American").

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