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Zen Chi Aerobic Massager

Zen Chi Aerobic Massager
The Zen Chi Aerobic Massager / Relaxerciser
A sheepskin cover to place on the ankle support for extra comfort for $70.

In our busy schedules, taking 'time out' is crucial in order to maintain health and energy levels. Whether it is exercise, meditation or simply eating correctly, we must do something. Time restraints often make these routines difficult to adhere to; the ZEN CHI massager solves this difficulty! All it takes is five to fifteen minutes twice daily to gain the benefits of daily relaxation or 'quiet time'.

'ZEN' is derived from the Chinese word 'CHAN', meaning MEDITATION, arriving from China to Japan in the 12th Century. 'CHI' is also Chinese, and it relates to life force energy. Westerners are now recognising that Chi (body energy), is the key to a healthy, balanced lifestyle as it is the energy that flows through channels in all living entities. Acupressure and other forms of massage therapy, as well as routines such as Tai Chi, Yoga and meditation are recognised
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