Breathing Space - Audio CD

Breathing Space - Audio CD
Jeff Clarkson
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Jeff Clarkson's music has achieved great credibility and has been endorsed in many professional situations such as coronary care, stress management, pain management, terminally ill soothing and in general areas notably including child birth in hospitals and home birth. Jeff's music is used in the nursing and development of special needs children and is also used in many main stream preschools and kindergartens. His music is well recognized in the alternative therapy and natural healing areas and is used by many thousands of people who practice Yoga, Tai Chi and meditation. Jeff's music is often broadcast as background music in high stress areas such as retail shopping centres, offices, factories, dentists and GP's consultation and waiting rooms, reception areas

Track Listings:

  1. Continuum (7:55)
  2. Spirit in Nature (21:30)
  3. This (perfect moment) (4:40)
  4. Tribute (5:10)
  5. Divine Light (6:50)
  6. Round we go (5:35)
  7. Full Circle (5:45)

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