Access the Source - Power Pendant

Access the Source - Power Pendant
Citrine Ascension Star with oval cut Chrome Diopside
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The Signature Collection – Ascension Star with Chrome Diopside

 Access the Source

This exciting cut shows beautiful 4-fold faceting which appears as a cross or star. and lends itself well to combining the additional energy of faceted stones -- creating unique power pieces.  This is what this cut is about. The energy program of the cut focuses on easing our ascension process. It helps to lay a solid foundation for the "heart of the Christos" to thrive and grow.  Guided by this Divine energy we move into harmony and participate in "conscious evolution" "ascension" where we are no longer bound to the earth out of necessity, but out of joy and love -- Celebrating Life!!  To wear this cut is to assist in the dawning of a new ages where we live in and from the heart.  It is best worn at the heart or over the Thymus.

Citrine assists in acquiring and maintaining prosperity. Brings comfort and optimism. Will not hold negativity. Soothes family and business relationships.

The Ascension Star ™ This unique cut lifts the heart through compassion and helps provide the structure for “ascension”.  As humanity evolves we both embody and radiate the love, wisdom, and perfect balance needed to create heaven on earth, joyfully living our soul’s purpose, celebrating the dance of life.

Chrome Diopside heals the heart. Assists in mending relationships. Clears trauma of “broken heart”. Restores our pure essence.

  • What is a Power Cut?
    Marcel Vogel found, after working with raw quartz crystals, each provided a unique signature vibration. By precisely faceting quartz, he was able to produce a consistent vibratory pattern that belonged to the "cut". In effect, by faceting the quartz, we "tune" the crystal, providing a coherent base program that the crystal will then hold and perform for us.

All Siberian Quartz is laboratory grown. They began with natural, Clear Quartz as a seed, so this quartz carries the primary Probability Wave of natural quartz. The colour is in solution the seed is placed in, so all the colour is throughout the stone. The main difference between natural quartz and Siberian Quartz is the laboratory quartz, because it is grown so quickly, it has no memory, therefore, it must be worked with, charged, or programmed. Most people find Siberian Quartz to be powerful and very interesting.

  • Gold – Gold Ray, Christ Consciousness
  • Chrome Diopside - heals the heart. Assists in mending relationships. Clears trauma of "broken heart". Restores our pure essence.

Pendant size: 40mm x 20mm .  450mm Silver box chain included

Price includes: 1x Vogel Power Pendant, 1x 45cm Silver (925) Box Chain, 1x Organza Bag

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