Bagua & Mirror for deflecting negative Chi

Bagua & Mirror for deflecting negative Chi
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Traditional octagon Feng Shui flat bagwa mirror.
Feng Shui considers the Bagwa Mirror to be of great importance in correcting Feng Shui predicaments by deflecting almost anything that creates negative Chi.

You can place them outside your home or business for protection.

A general guideline is that they should never be hung inside a home or business and only be used on the outside. There are special circumstances when you would hang one indoors but 98% of the time, always on the outside of a residence or business.

Examples of when to use a Bagwa Mirror:

1) If your home or business is at the end of a T-Intersection,

2) if you have a corner or sharp object pointing at the front door,

3) if you are experiencing unpleasant energy from a particular area around your home or business.

It is then appropriate to hang a Bagwa Mirror pointing towards that direction. Many times, if a person is having difficulty with a neighbour or receiving tension from a particular location, a bagwa mirror can be hung pointing towards that direction. Individuals typically notice a shift of energy right away.

The most common position is to place it over the front door for a business or home. Keep in mind that this should be diffusing energy that you find difficult and not necessarily because you just thought it should be there because it was for sale in a store.




10 x 10 x 0.5 cm




Red Green and Gold

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