Magnificent Verdite Sphere

Magnificent Verdite Sphere
Its not very often in your lifetime you come across something so very rare & special as this magnificent Verdite Sphere.

Size = 11cm or 4.5" diameter. Weight = 2700g

Verdite is a serpentine-like deep green mineral. It can be used to access and gain information from the ancient ones. It can increase ones fortitude and constancy, thereby promoting ones reliability within the physsical plane; it also seems to allow the ancient beings to"know" that the holder of the stone is a stable individual who will use any information for the good of all.

It can also help to stimulate the energy centres of the first four chakras in order to encourage the movement of the Kundalini, making the progression through the spiritual plane.

Verdite can be used to cleanse the blood, to treat disorders of the heart, to provide anti-poison balances during toxic states, to assist in raising diminished levels of oxygenation within the body, and to counterbalance dizziness. It can also be used to treat
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