Leopard Skin Jasper Heart

Leopard Skin Jasper Heart
NZ$ 29.00
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Weight:       102g 

Height:        15mm     (0.59")

Depth:         58mm     (2.28")

Width:          65mm     (2.56")

Leopard skin jasper (also called leopard stone) is a stone of shamanic journeying. It also aids in service to others. It helps discover and connect with one's animal totems or "power" animals. It makes it easier for one to take responsibility properly. Leopard skin jasper is said to bring energies of success in work or business. Helps with creative visualization. As with all jaspers, this is a protective stone, and it is particularly protective during shamanic journeying. Physically it helps eliminate toxins and decrease body odor, and is very helpful in self-healing. It has properties of protecting the third chakra, but is associated mainly with the root chakra.

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