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  • Smudging and Potpourri
    We have sold and we use White Leaf Sage for years and our customers recently wanted us to expand our ranges hence we are now stocking:- Juniper, Mugwort & White Leaf Sage mixed with Juniper Smudgesticks & Sweetgrass Braids all wildcraft sourced from Southern California. We have recently added Palo Santo Wood.
  • Bioptron Light & Colour Therapy
    BIOPTRON MEDICAL LIGHT THERAPY - A REVOLUTIONARY MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY Health: - “The polarized light emitted by BIOPTRON treats a wide range of medical and cosmetic applications, by stimulating blood circulation and tissue regeneration, while also reducing inflammation.” Beauty; - “BIOPTRON Light Therapy effectively reverses the major signs of skin aging and enhances the effects of cosmetic products and procedures” Regeneration: - “Along with regeneration of damaged skin, BIOPTRON light provides significant immune correction. Pain, inflammation and swelling are reduced. Light therapy is also indispensable for respiratory virus diseases”.

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